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Ethiopian Friendship & Co-Operative IDIR in Sydney                 We can not direct the wind but, we can adjust the sails.
Est. 2010


Idir's culture:
as described at in the heart of it's origin in Ethiopia,
The form of territorial based voluntary community association in order to use it as assurances for the time of mourning. The main primary object is to help members in time of difficulties such as the death of Idir's member or his/her family member. Membership is based on an initial fee and dependent on monthly payments.
Idir members are required to attend funerals and must always be ready to help. Idir can be established by a community or village, at the work place, or among friends and family.

IDIR in Sydney

Sydney's Idir established in year 2010 by a group of people who realized the special need of this organization for mutual assistance to one another.

  • Provide assistance in paying for the funeral ceremony.
  • Accompanying Idir's member who is in time of mourning and looking after funeral gusts.
  • Provide cooperative assistance for the member who is seriously ill to minimize the pressure of him/her daily routine.
  • Organize events in order to bring the community together.

ህግና ደንብ ለማናቸውም ለተቀናጀ የቡድን ሥራ ዋና መሰረት በመሆኑ መተዳደሪያ ህጋችን ለስራችን መሪ መንገዳችን ነው።
እድሩ በሀገርኛ ወግ ከተሰናዳው ሕግ ጋር በጥቂቱ ተዳቅሎ ብሎም በእዚህች ለምንኖርባት ሀገር ኑሮ አይነት እንዲስማማ በማጣጣም በጥንቃቄ የተዘጋጀ ደንብ አለው።

« ባልና ሚስት ከተለያዩ በተናጥል አባል ሆነው መመዝገብ አለባቸው። በአባል ሀላፊነት ስር የነበሩ የቤተሰብ አባላት በተናጥል ሲመዘገቡ የመመዝገቢያ አይከፍሉም። »
« እያንዳንዱ አባል የወሩን የአባልነት መዋጮ በወቅቱ አሟልቶ መክፈል አለበት። ለሶስት ወር ሳይከፍል የዘለቀ ሀዘን ቢደርስበትም ተረጂ አይሆንም። »

« ከሁለት ዓመት በላይ አባል ሆኖ የቆየ ሰው ከሲድኒ ተቀይሮ ወደ ሌላ ቦታ ሲሄድ ለቆ ከሄደበት ጊዜ ጀምሮ ያለምንም ክፍያ ለሶስት ወራት ያህል ሙሉ የአባልነት መብቱ የተጠበቀ ሆኖ ሐዘን ከደረሰበት መደበኛው ክፍያ ይላክለታል።
የዕድሩ አባል ሆኖ መቀጠል ከፈለገም መቀጠል ይችላል። »

      ===---  ለሙሉ ደንቡ